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Planning Application to redevelop Bourne End Mills Industrial Estate

As you may have seen from the local press, plans have been submitted for the redevelopment of the site. In essence, this is along the lines of the commercial development proposals made in 2008. Modifications have been made to meet the council's objections made at the time. Rather than going into any detail here, it would be helpful if as many people as possible could examine the proposals and feed comments to committee members of the Village Association. Alternatively you might like to make comments here on the blog.

The plans can be viewed on line via the planning portal.  The reference is: 4/02245/12/VOT

The following link should get you there:

Planning Application Reminder

ReminderIf you have not already done so, please ensure that you are familiar with the proposals for the chicken farm.  Details are in the flyer you will have received with your Bourne Ender, on the blog below the Bourne Ender, and of course on Dacorum Borough Council website.

Bourne Ender Winter 2012


Planning Application for chicken farm

The letter below is a copy of that send on behalf of Bourne End Village Association regarding the application for planning permission for 5 chicken sheds each containing 1,000 chicken. As referred to in the previous blog entry, this application supersedes that of October and requires a separate letter if you wish to object.  If you objected to the proposals in October, clearly the grounds for objection can remain the same, but make sure you refer to the correct application number.We urge you to make your feelings known on the matter as we feel if the plans are accepted the development will have a detrimental impact on our environment.
The letter you will have received with your Bourne Ender is also copied below, together with some photographs indicating the position of the planned sheds.

Chief Planning Officer, Planning and Regeneration, Dacorum Borough Council, Civic Centre, Marlowes, Hemel Hempstead, Herts. HP1 1HH
29 November 2012
Ref Application 4/02069/12/FUL-Chicken sheds, Upper Bourne End…
You may have already responded to a similar planning application which was made in October. (See earlier blog entry.)  This is a new application and it requires a new and separate response related to this specific application number.  As the application is virtually identical, and the grounds for your objection may remain unchanged it is quite in order for you to repeat the same letter in terms of substance, simply altering the application number.   

Scroll down to see illustrations of where the sheds are planned to be sited.



An application has been put in to Dacorum Borough Council to build a Chicken Farm above the village at the back of the A41 Service Area. 
Your Village Association believe that this development would be detrimental to the village for the reasons stated below and we would urge you to write a letter to the Council in order to stop this application from succeeding:
The visual impact f…
Proposed Developments Upper Bourne End Lane
At yesterday’s AGM of the Bourne End Village Association, the issue of the proposal to site chicken sheds on land adjacent to Upper Bourne End Lane was raised.  Considerable concern was expressed regarding the potential impact from a wide range of environmental aspects.  If you wish to comment, the application reference is: 
I have copied below the directions for accessing the plans on line, originally posted in the Bourne Ender.  You will be able to see the actual drawings and judge for yourself the potential impact.  You can comment on line or e-mail the case officer. (Don’t be put off by the apparent lack of comments.  If you e-mail a response, it will not appear on the planning portal).
I can see no clear deadline date although the target date for decision is 19/10/12, so don’t delay.

Planning applications on-line All planning applications are now accessible from the planning portal on Dacorum’s website.  Google Dacorum to find…
Members of the Bourne End Village Association Committee have received notification of the following application.  We are sharing it with you as members of the public are invited to comment, and you may wish to do so.  

Paralympic Flame

Bourne End and the Paralympic Torch

Bourne Ender Summer 2012

Bourne Ender Summer 2012

Bourne End's Jubilee Celebration

Bourne End's Jubilee Celebrations held on Monday 4th June at The Anchor
With a slight chill in the air and occasional attempts at rain, we were kept warm with the marquee, plenty of succulent pork, hot tea and stronger refreshment

Maggie starred at the tombola,but despite vociferous claims, there is no hard evidence that she sold more raffle ticket than others.

Other raffle ticket sellers did a fine job.  A considerable sum of money was raised for charity

Splat the rat makes a special appearance from the far side of the canal, courtesy Mike Pritchard Thomas and friends enthusiastically controlled. But even a controller needs a break

Some tried to get to grips with modern technology, while others looked, .... well tried to look stern!