BEVA's complaint to the Chief Executive at DBC

Following the disastrous outcome of the planning meeting which ignored all the input from us over the last two years, we are now focussing on two approaches.  
One is to raise a complaint.  We have already done so regarding the conduct of the meeting, and this reproduced below.  We are currently preparing a more detailed critique of the entire process and seeking other ways that we can raise our concerns about the issue.
The other is to continue to press for closure of the lanes. In this we have the support of our HCC councillor, Richard Roberts.

We press on.  

Ms Sally Marshall,
Chief Executive, Dacorum Borough Council,
The Forum,
Hemel Hempstead.
HP1 1DN 12 January 2020
Dear Ms Marshall, Complaint to Chief Executive Dacorum Borough Council
We are writing on behalf of Bourne End Village Association (BEVA). This complaint relates to the conduct of the meeting of the Development Management Committee which took place on 28th November 2019. This meeting was totally about the planni…

LA3: Letter from WHAG to Dacorum Planning


Sally Marshall Chief Executive Dacorum Borough Council The Forum Marlowes Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire HP1 1DN 25 January 2020

Dear Ms Marshall,
We, West Hemel Action Group (WHAG) write to lodge a formal complaint against Dacorum Borough Council (DBC) in connection with hybrid planning application reference 4/03266/18/MFA (Application) for mixed use proposed development at West Hemel Hempstead (LA3 or the Development).  In particular this letter concerns the conduct of the Development Management Committee (the DMC) Meeting held on Thursday 28 November 2019 (the Meeting) in approving the application for development at LA3 (the Decision).
Our complaint is as follows:
1.DMC did not follow correct procedure: a.It gave incorrect information and misleading advice b.It failed to carry out adequate consultation c.It failed to follow procedural rules d.The conduct of the DMC did not follow the principles of natural justice: it has shown bias and failed to give affected parti…

Community Cafe this Friday

This week on Friday 1 - 4 pm we have the Community Cafe in the Village Hall. This is open to all. Come along for a chat, a cup of tea or coffee and some homemade cake. Some of us bring along our projects - sewing, quilting, embroidery, train repairs (see pictures from November's Cafe) and some just come along for the cake and a natter. Join us on Friday.

The Gazette articles on LA3 Decision

Read it online HERE

Text of Cllr Gbole Adeleke's Statement

Below is the statement that Cllr Adeleke was blocked from delivering at the LA3 Meeting on 28th November

The Council’s Master Plan is part of the Government led national initiative to address, not only the Housing shortages but to provide sufficient living accommodation for the future generation
But let me be absolutely clear
Neither myself nor the Residents I represent object to the “Adopted Policy LA3 and the Master Plan”
However, in as much as we All agree that the Housing crisis need to be addressed and addressed urgently, the proposed LA3 Development Plan vary considerably from the original Masters Plan in substance, practicality and credibility
The Developers’ Plans have breached ALL Legal, Local, County and Government Guidelines
The proposed LA3 Plan, as it stands, will impact negatively on the Residents of Bourne End and have more far reaching consequences for the wider communities of West Hemel Hempstead
And I will now address some of the issues.