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Landscape and Visual issues associated with the Little Hay proposals

Hertfordshire County Council has commissioned a Landscape Architect to ‘comment on the landscape and visual issues of a planning application for’ the remodelling of Little Hay Golf Course'.  As the area forms the outlook from many of our homes, I have read this with a view to picking out those aspects relevant to us.
No reference whatsoever is made to Bourne End other than Upper Bourne End Lane.In a reference to Upper Bourne End Lane, the following statement is made. ‘From a landscape point of view a one way system would reduce damage to verges and keep vehicles in the centre of the lane under the trees’. (ref. 2.6)
While no reference is made to Bourne End, a considerable proportion of the report is devoted to the views from the AONB near Potten End.  
·Given the distance from the site, the proportion of view affected and the likelihood of travellers concentrating on safe passage the impact on these views would however be minor adverse during construction and would be minimal once t…

BBB Action Group Petition

Dear Reader,

There have been over one hundred objections sent to Hertfordshire County Council Spatial Planning Unit,
So we say a Big Thank you to all of you who have supported us by voicing your objections to the Little Hay Remodelling Planning Application.

We have created a petition to give to Dacorum Borough Council, Hertfordshire County Council, our Local Councillors. County Councillor, and Mp's, to send a message to our elected representatives, and hopefully they will listen.

If this planning application goes to a planning committee it will also give us extra time to voice concerns about this planning application from those of you who have objected.

Thank you once again for your support and Please sign the petition.

Best Wishes

BBB Action Group

Article in Hemel Gazette 19th March


Article in Hemel Gazette 14th March 2014

Posters placed along Upper Bourne End Lane, If you would like to show your support by displaying a poster please email

Article in Watford Observer 7th March 2014


Letter to Little Hay Golf Club Members Appears in The Hemel Gazette


Letter Emailled / Handed to Little Hay Golf Club Members




Meeting Tonight Re: Little Hay Golf Course Remodelling ALL Welcome

Update on Little Hay Planning Application 

Meeting Tonight: There is a Bovingdon Parish Council Planning meeting this evening at 6:15 to consider changes that have been made in the application.  
Background: If approved 295,000 cubic metres / up to 600,000 tons of construction waste will be dumped on the Little Hay Golf Course, Green Belt land.  
Because the Little Hay application involves landfill and as Dacorum is actually the owner of the golf course, the application is being handled by Hertfordshire CC.
The project will take at least 18 months to complete and there will be 150 HGV movements (75 up and 75 down) during the week and 90 during the weekend to deliver the required waste material - in total more than 64,000 HGV movements
The waste will either be delivered using historic Upper Bourne End Lane which will be destroyed in the process or Box Lane / Hempstead Road, the busiest B Road in Hertfordshire.  Currently it is looking like Upper Bourne End Lane will be used…