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A big thanks to Manish and the staff at the Watermill.

Yesterday's meal and entertainment provided by the Watermill went down a treat!  The layout was superb, the turkey succulent, and the company a delight.  Bourne Enders led the way in creating a festive atmosphere.  I'm sure I speak on behalf of all who attended in expressing our thanks to Manish and all his staff.

Happy Christmas to all!

Thanks for your Carol Singing donations .....


Salt for the snow ....... and don't forget the carol singing!

Snow Clearance
It’s quite likely that in the next few weeks we will have another deluge of snow.  To help everyone with dealing with this, we have 17 x  25kgs bags of salt to use for snow / ice clearing in the village.  These have been allocated to us by Herts CC as part of their “Winter Self Help Scheme”.  If you feel you can assist with snow clearance and ice treatments in the village and would like some bags of salt, please contact Rachel Biggs via email there will be a short risk assessment form to fill in as part of the requirement once this has been received then salt bags will be available for collection.

Rachel Biggs

Reminder: Carol singing Monday and Wednesday next week.


'Wines for Christmas' It's still not too late to buy a ticket ..... get yours as soon as possible from any of the reps!


St John's Church Christmas Bazaar this Friday.

St John’s Church are holding their annual Christmas Bazaar this Friday morning between 10 am and 1 pm.  It is always a popular event so if you have time, pop in.
The website is where you will find more details


There is an error in the most recent edition of the Bourne Ender!  The date of the Quiz Night is the 28th February not the 21st!  Many of the copies issued have been changed, but if you have one of the originals please alter your copy.

And ....make sure you put the date in your diary!  It's always a good evening!

And ooops again!  Thanks Vivien from Bourne End Lane for pointing out an error in the crossword. Dostoyevski's forename is of course Fyodor not Fiodor!  (10 across).

The Winter Edition of the Bourne Ender

The link to Community DriveSafe scheme:

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Coming up .... Wine Tasting ... don't miss out ... limited places ....... get your tickets soon


Coming soon! The AGM and the Hallowe'en Party (tickets available soon)

A really big turnout will make it clear we are very concerned about these proposals.

Summer/Autumn Bourne Ender


Planning issues update


The Village Show this coming Sunday

Modernisation of Little Hay Golf Course
Land Fill from Upper Bourne End Lane

Turning the golf course into a landfill site over 18 months with subsequent change of views from the village, noise and dust.
840 HGV lorry movements in Upper Bourne End Lane over 5 ½ days per week which will destroy Upper Bourne End Lane and make it totally unsafe for use for 18 months
Causing considerable danger on the A41 bypass
If you are going to put an objection in, it must be before July 5th
We are seeking a meeting with the relevant parties to explain to the village what is going on.  In the meantime we ask you to send letters of objection to Hertfordshire County Council, as indicated on the Notification of Planning letter by 5th July.

So how did this story unfold?………………………. You will have recently received a Notification of Planning Application from Hertfordshire County Council.  You received it because you will be affected by it in…

A further planning application that concerns us all ....

Some time ago the agricultural land alongside Upper Bourne End Lane was sold in small parcels.  It is currently an attractive open area of the Chiltern Hills with views across the valley and forming part of the vista from the other side of the valley around Potten End.  The potential for degradation of the visual environment is considerable.  This is made clear by the impact of the unlawful siting of the container and of the fence.  Both of these stand on the skyline when viewed from sites as far apart as Bourne End Lane, Sugar Lane, the A41 and Potten End.

We are not alone in our concerns.  In an attempt protect the area, Dacorum Borough Council has made the area subject to an Article 4 Direction, and the Chiltern Society joined in the objection to the proposed chicken sheds.
The most recent proposal, detailed on the Planning portal will be opposed by Bourne End Village Association, bu…

A date for your diary .... coming soon


Spring Edition of the Bourne Ender

Volunteer needed As some of you may already know, Pauline Summers, a long-standing resident of the village, will soon be moving out of the area.  Apart from the gap left in village life, her departure leaves a gap with The Hospice of St. Francis.
Pauline has been responsible for overseeing the collection of the Hospice Boxes for a few years now.  In addition to Pauline leaving, another collector is unable to continue collecting,  so the Hospice is looking for volunteers to collect the boxes from houses in Bourne End in May and October each year. The area covered by Pauline was Bourne End Lane, both sides of London Road, Winkwell and Pix Farm area. Of course not every house has a box.
Please could anyone who feels they could help or requires further information contact Pauline  ( ) or Pippa Chappell  Pippa Chappell (

Snowy pictures from Ruth@42

Contributions to the blog are always welcome.  Thanks Ruth ....

Planning matters

Update on Bourne End Mills Industrial Estate Members of the Village Association planning group recently met with a member of the Planning Department at Dacorum Borough Council to discuss the application to develop the site for industrial use.  (See earlier blog entry)
The intention of the meeting was to share our initial responses to the proposals as submitted.  In essence we were expressing our pleasure at the intention to upgrade the site, but with reservation regarding the details of the proposals.  These centred on what we considered to be inadequate separation of industrial buildings from the houses and maisonettes at the end of the lane, and the potential for the creation of parking problems in Bourne End Lane.   It appears however that the plans are no more than a resubmission of those made in 2008, the intention being to maintain the possibility of development should the opportunity arise.  Nevertheless, we felt that the meeting was valuable for two reasons.
First, we were aga…

Quiz Night will soon be here!