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Modernisation of Little Hay Golf Course
Land Fill from Upper Bourne End Lane

Turning the golf course into a landfill site over 18 months with subsequent change of views from the village, noise and dust.
840 HGV lorry movements in Upper Bourne End Lane over 5 ½ days per week which will destroy Upper Bourne End Lane and make it totally unsafe for use for 18 months
Causing considerable danger on the A41 bypass
If you are going to put an objection in, it must be before July 5th
We are seeking a meeting with the relevant parties to explain to the village what is going on.  In the meantime we ask you to send letters of objection to Hertfordshire County Council, as indicated on the Notification of Planning letter by 5th July.

So how did this story unfold?………………………. You will have recently received a Notification of Planning Application from Hertfordshire County Council.  You received it because you will be affected by it in…