BEVA's Traffic Proposal

John Mawer's Presentation at the Public Meeting on Monday 11th February 2019


  1. An exceptionally well thought out proposal. Drastic action is certainly called for and this is the only sensible solution to an increasingly dangerous situation for all people on foot. I walk my dogs every day along these lanes and the canal. I do not feel safe walking along the lanes, the traffic is too heavy and the drivers go too fast in their endeavour to get to the main roads. We like many others in the hamlet feel like we are virtually being forced to leave or face the Urban sprawl. We live in a Hamlet because we do not want to live in a town, yet we feel like we are being eaten up by one, over which, we have no control whatsoever. You can see by the unusually high number of homes up for sale in the Hamlet that people no longer feel that they can stay here and have the quiet life that they moved here for.


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