Expansion of the Dog Day Care activity

There have been a number of recent modifications to the proposed expansion of the Dog Day Care Centre in Upper Bourne End Lane.  As we have already expressed, the proposals represent an intensification of activity on this area of Green Belt.  The latest modifications involve;
·         Changes in the orientation of the vans in the parking area;
·         Specification of the parking area (the total area covered by barn and car park would be three times the current area);
·         A noise assessment which refers only to agricultural activity, ignoring the presence of a large number of dogs.  (Currently about 80 with proposals to increase.);
·         A modification to the size of the shelters. (Three shelters at 3.5m high one of which would be 3.5m x 7.5 m.).

We do not accept that the modifications will significantly reduce the impact on the Green belt.  If you have not already written an objection, please do so as soon as possible. 
 The deadline is now Monday 18th July.  The reference is 4/00816/16/FUL


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