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We have been informed of a rumour that land has been allocated for a traveller site in Winkwell.  This is a rumour. It is not true. It is not news, fake or otherwise! We, on BEVA's Planning Group, are still working to get Dacorum to understand its own and national policy which requires the traveller site in LA3 to be in LA3, not segregated from the site in Chaulden Lane. Bourne End Village Association Planning Group

A chance to avoid cooking on Thursday evening.

  The Hall Committee has arranged for this local company to serve takeaway food from the village hall. They will be there on Thursday 25th March from 4pm to 8pm, serving up delicious BBQ to takeaway and some new items for the menu. They will also be joined by Crumb De La CrÄ—me who will be dishing up delicious dessert with a range of homemade brownies and sweet treats. #newshack #jackssmokeshack #crumbdelacreme #pulledpork   #TheBigOne #macncheese #bbq #takeaway The hall committee feel that if it works well it could become a regular event and a really nice opportunity for the village. It’s not for charity, just a small business being creative at a difficult time.
Just added.... Updated contacts for Bourne End Village Association reps. These are already in the Bourne Ender, but they appear here for your easy reference. Click on the tab above. (Depending on your screen, the tab may appear under 'More'.) Walks around Bourne End The walk which featured in the latest Bourne End has been added.  Again this is on a separate tab where you can see all the walks. If you have ideas for the next Bourne Ender, please let us know!