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Bourne End Mills Industrial Estate .... Little Hay Golf Course ... The Village Show

Yes there's a lot going on or planned to go on around the village. Bourne End Mills There are plans afoot to revamp Bourne End Mills industrial estate.  We clearly welcome this in principle, but as with all planning issues, we need to look carefully at the details.  Aspects we are likely to welcome are the increased separation of the industry from the residential area of the village, the opening up of the Bourne Gutter through the industrial estate, provision of a new public space and provision for access for the few units that currently use Bourne End Lane.  Yet this comes at a price.  The proposals are for one large warehouse, considerably higher than the existing buildings,and despite the beautiful artists impressions, some of the existing building will remain. The plans are on Dacorum's website ref.   4/01988/14/RES .  There is also a more detailed description in the Hemel Gazette of August 13th.   This has been copied here. It's early days, and the intention is