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Bourne End on Horseback: Laura reflects on our glorious summer and looks forward to events coming up in the village

After my recent success at The Bourne End Village Show (winner of the Rose Bowl since you ask), I’m finding it hard to step off my High Horse and sit down and write this column.  As my husband Mark won a prize for his Dahlias, it’s difficult to fit the big heads into our house!  I hasten to add, if you had asked us before 2016 (when we went flower crazy for my stepdaughter’s wedding) we wouldn’t have known our Dahlia’s from our Daisies;  so get planting Bourne End and come and take us on next year!! I’m afraid the High Horse is the only horse that I have been riding regularly lately, because my search for the new horse goes on.  Perhaps Father Christmas has got something stashed away?   One can dream. Back to reality….So the summer of 2018 is over, and what a summer it has been.  After the coldest winter in history, anything would have felt balmy, and yet this summer kicked the summer of 76 into touch, and will now be that summer that we will all remember.  I know many people fo

Public Meeting 10th October: Hear about proposed development of 56 new homes on the site of the demolition yard at Buttons


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Hertfordshire Traffic Consultation. Have your say...can they really close Fishery Road?

Are you aware of this? Hertfordshire's Traffic plan is open for consultation - they want to close Fishery Road to cars. This is the main access road from West Hemel to the station and the A4251. How will this affect you? What about when there are 1200 more homes in West Hemel (LA3)?  Please go online to have your say...…/south-west-herts-growth-…