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The Gazette articles on LA3 Decision

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Text of Cllr Gbole Adeleke's Statement

Below is the statement that Cllr Adeleke was blocked from delivering at the LA3 Meeting on 28th November LA3 THURSDAY 29 NOVEMBER 2019 The Council’s Master Plan is part of the Government led national initiative to address, not only the Housing shortages but to provide sufficient living accommodation for the future generation But let me be absolutely clear Neither myself nor the Residents I represent object to the “Adopted Policy LA3 and the Master Plan” However, in as much as we All agree that the Housing crisis need to be addressed and addressed urgently, the proposed LA3 Development Plan vary considerably from the original Masters Plan in substance, practicality and credibility The Developers’ Plans have breached ALL Legal, Local, County and Government Guidelines The proposed LA3 Plan, as it stands, will impact negatively on the Residents of Bourne End and have more far reaching consequences for the wider communities of West Hemel Hempstead And I will now address some of the

Message from Councillor Gbola Adeleke

Below is a message received for Councillor Gbola Adeleke. Dear Residents, I am deeply saddened that the Hearing ended up in a Negative result for us. I want to seize this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you, especially other silent Bourne End Residents, who shared in our fight for fairness and common sense. I will continue to support you and fight your corner. I sincerely hope this result will not discourage you from continuing to stand up for what is right for you and for Bourne End. Councillor Gbola Adeleke As some of you may know, we have three councillors.                 Cllr Gbola Adeleke                 Cllr Graham Barrettt                 Cllr Stewart Riddick Gbola was blocked from speaking at the last minute on the grounds that it breached council policy as he was not a councillor for the development ward. Stewart was on the Planning Committee and if he had chosen to speak, he would have been unable to vote.  He chose to remain on the com