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Second string

As a gesture of support for the village publicist, a backup author has joined the team to lighten his load. Chris Mabley will attempt to keep the articles coming if John is planning to gallivant around the globe.

The BEVA Annual Quiz is coming ......

Your rep will soon be coming round with tickets for the quiz.  Make sure you buy your tickets early, spaces are limited...

LA3 affects you! ……Deadline Sunday night

We hope that by now you have completed your comments, either by completing the online consultation document or writing in as an email or letter.  (If it’s a letter, it will have to be hand delivered to meet the deadline).  We have now prepared the BEVA submission and it is reproduced in the previous blog post to assist you. Just to remind you Dacorum is planning to bring forward the Gypsy and Traveller element of LA3 because the inspector was concerned about the proposals for a similar site in Tring. The potential site is on the corner of LA3 by Winkwell and Pouchen End with assumed access onto Chaulden Lane. This may also mean bringing forward housebuilding as well. What are we concerned about? We are concerned that the Traveller site will actually be located here and, with access into Chaulden Lane, their links will be through Winkwell and Pix Farm Lane as well as Chaulden Lane. This would be instead of being included in, and having access through, LA3.  As a result

BEVA submission for the Consultation for the Site Allocations Modifications

If you have not yet made your submission, this should help you. You will need the consultation document open for it to make sense!! MM18 Agreed.  Particularly as Winkwell is a conservation area. MM20  ‘…… available for immediate development’  following  generation of a consultative outline / master plan for the entire area, which will define all aspects of the site other than specific housing .  The additional comment is essential because it will provide for all of the areas including the Traveller site, the facilities, the accesses, and all green space. It is also essential for the proper consideration and discussion of the detailed developer proposals in the context of the whole . MM21 Replace with the following text The Council will require that the development will initially be progressed as an outline application covering the site as a whole, followed by a series of reserved matters (or full applications) for each phase (or series of phases). The phasing of t