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Update on LA3. New documents

An update on LA3… There have been a number of updates to the planning application.  The updates are associated with the report from HCC Highways who reject the planning application! Before we all get carried away, the rejection seems largely on the basis of lack of information.  The developers have responded by submitting more information.  These updates are solely to do with Highways, so in some ways they have been a help to us in that we have had another opportunity to spell out our concerns.  We have done so through the normal channel of DBC but have included HCC and our councillors in the circulation.  Our submission is shown below. As well as containing our response it contains a link enabling you to access earlier material which you may find useful if you wish to add to your own initial submission. We hope you will. •             Bourne End Proposals for Surrounding Lanes •             Planning Letter LA3 (This is our initial submission) •             Bourne

Family Fun Cricket Day 1st September

We are looking forward to a great event on 1st September.  Do come along and bring friends and family.  There will be a "family" soft ball cricket session for children and their parents, followed by a 20 - 20 match for more experienced players.  But no need to join in the cricket at all - just come along and enjoy an afternoon of food, drinks, music and games.  If you'd like to join the 20-20 game, please contact Charlie (as in the flyer) or Hugo on 07958 457373