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Carol Singing and Christmas events in Bourne End

Carol Singing On  December 10th and December 12th  carol singers will visit every house in the village (time and weather permitting).  As ever we are raising funds for local charities: this year the beneficiaries will be  Gaddesden Place Riding for the Disabled  and   Dacorum Emergency Night Shelter   DENS . Please come and join us.  Everyo ne is welcome.  Meet at the Anchor at 6:30 pm.  

Post your comments/objections to the Pix Farm Lane Development here

Thank you to everyone who came along to the Village Hall in October to hear about this new development of 56 homes proposed for the Button House site in Pix Farm Lane.  The application is still open for comments and we would encourage anyone who feels strongly about the impact this development may have on the village to get online.  It seems daunting but it really isn't that hard... First go to the Dacorum Planning portal here... Dacorum Planning .  You'll need to register to make a comment (not difficult).  And then you can read what others have said (Arrow A) and make your own comment (Arrow B).  All the planning application documentation (and there is a lot) can be found at arrow C. Please do this in the next couple of days as the deadline now appears to be 22nd November.

Bourne End on Horseback: Laura reflects on our glorious summer and looks forward to events coming up in the village

After my recent success at The Bourne End Village Show (winner of the Rose Bowl since you ask), I’m finding it hard to step off my High Horse and sit down and write this column.  As my husband Mark won a prize for his Dahlias, it’s difficult to fit the big heads into our house!  I hasten to add, if you had asked us before 2016 (when we went flower crazy for my stepdaughter’s wedding) we wouldn’t have known our Dahlia’s from our Daisies;  so get planting Bourne End and come and take us on next year!! I’m afraid the High Horse is the only horse that I have been riding regularly lately, because my search for the new horse goes on.  Perhaps Father Christmas has got something stashed away?   One can dream. Back to reality….So the summer of 2018 is over, and what a summer it has been.  After the coldest winter in history, anything would have felt balmy, and yet this summer kicked the summer of 76 into touch, and will now be that summer that we will all remember.  I know many people fo

Public Meeting 10th October: Hear about proposed development of 56 new homes on the site of the demolition yard at Buttons


The latest Bourne Ender will be delivered shortly.


Hertfordshire Traffic Consultation. Have your say...can they really close Fishery Road?

Are you aware of this? Hertfordshire's Traffic plan is open for consultation - they want to close Fishery Road to cars. This is the main access road from West Hemel to the station and the A4251. How will this affect you? What about when there are 1200 more homes in West Hemel (LA3)?  Please go online to have your say...…/south-west-herts-growth-…

A follow up to the recent article in the Gazette

Alison from Pouchen End has added to the awareness of the problems caused by using the lanes as rat runs. We have yet to see any suggestions for how these lanes will be protected when 900 or 1,100 or 1200 houses are built at LA3.  The Master Plan claims to 'maintain the rural character of Pouchen End Lane and Chaulden Lane.' ... we wait.....

LA3 in the News

If you don't take the Gazette, you may have missed these pieces of news.   In last week's edition it was reported that Hertfordshire County Council had agreed to reduce the amount that developers were asked to contribute towards the cost of building new schools.  This seemed very odd to many people at a time when developers are making healthy profits and schools are strapped for cash. (For those of us involved in education, the comment about the impact is particularly odd.) The article is shown below. It has produced a number of letters which appear in today's Gazette. Of course, this has a bearing on LA3 which is planned to include a primary school.  It sounds as if the developers are again finding a way to minimise costs and maximise profits. Again? Increasing the number of houses crammed in obviously increases profitability as does ensuring that the traveller site is effectively kept away from the development.   It seemed timely to talk to the press about ou

Latest Bourne Ender and reminder about the wine tasting ....

You will soon be receiving (or may have already received) your printed copy of the latest Bourne Ender. In addition to the usual news and views from around the village, there is information about the village survey, your opportunity to let us know about communication in the village. Please make sure you complete this, either on-line or when your rep brings round the survey form.

West Hemel Action Group and LA3

As you may already know, the planning group has been liaising with WHAG, (West Hemel Action Group). They, like us, are concerned about the development of LA3, and have arranged a public meeting. The details are on the leaflet below. We share a number of concerns with WHAG, and feel there are important implications for Bourne End. In particular, The potential for increase in number of dwellings from ‘up to 900’ as originally proposed to 1,100. The consequence of this on housing density and on the original proposal for a soft edge to the green belt. The impact of the development on the use of Pouchen End Lane and Chaulden Lanes which are already used as rat runs. The proposed access to and from the traveller site using Chaulden Lane. (Both impractical and in breach of local and national policy.)   The proposal that HCC will build yet more houses on their land off Chaulden Lane.  (This does seem to have been headed off for the time being.) The apparent lack of a school at t

Saturday's Litter Pick.

Let's hope you've all noticed the improved tidiness of the village. On Saturday, a group of us, aided by a band of staff from McDonalds, spent a couple of hours filling about a dozen bags with rubbish. A big thanks to all who contributed.

Village Litter Pick

As you might imagine, the village litter pick scheduled for last snowy Saturday did not take place.  It has been rescheduled for this coming Saturday, 24th March.  If you have a couple of hours free, please come along and make your village that little more presentable. Meet at the Anchor car park at 10.00.  We'll be finished by 12.00 .  Equipment provided.

The Quiz Night is coming!

Time to buy your Quiz Night tickets.  Available from your rep, or any of the reps. (Contact details are on this blog and in your recent Bourne Ender.) Come as a team or join a team on the night.

The latest Bourne Ender is here....

You will shortly be receiving your copy of the Bourne Ender, but in the meantime here is the online edition..

Seeking contributions to the next edition of the Bourne Ender

A happy new year to all Bourne Enders. If you have an interesting story, information, piece of history etc. which might make an interesting article in the Bourne Ender, please let me know.  My contact details are on this blog. John Mawer