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The Bourne End Village Show 2020

Bourne End Village Show Sunday September 6 th 2020 The Village Hall will be open from 10 am on the day.   Entries must be made by 12.00 pm and must be accompanied by   a card or piece of paper (approx 6cm x 4cm ) with your name on one side and the class number on the reverse.   Please bring your cards ready written as this saves much time on the day. The right is reserved to cancel or amalgamate any class considered to be insufficiently supported. RULES:   Unless otherwise stated three points will be awarded to the winner in each class, two points to a second place and one point to third.   You may put more than one entry into each class.   Excluding children’s classes, points will be totalled for the Overall Championship. If two entries or less are received in any class, points will be awarded at the judges’ discretion.   The name of the Overall Champion will be engraved on the Shield of Honour.   A trophy will be awarded to the Overall Champion in the Children’s Classes

Update on LA3 from the planning group

As you will already know, in December last year, Dacorum’s Development Management Committee decided to delegate plans for LA3 to planning officers, with a view to accepting them. You will also know that, left as they are, these plans would have a considerable impact on Bourne End.   We believe that the decision ignores important policies concerned with; safety with Hertfordshire’s Transport Plan which seeks to encourage a switch from the private car to safe sustainable transport, walking cycling and passenger transport. environment in the form of protection of the countryside, sustainable house building etc. social cohesion with the national policy to ensure inclusion and local policy to include traveller sites in new developments. Whatever you may personally feel about policies, they form the bedrock of planning.   To ignore them without evidenced reasons flies in the face of democracy. These are the main actions we have taken: ·       We raised a complai

Hemel Gazette: Letter from BEVA about LA3 in this week's edition

Although the plans for LA3 have been delegated to officers with a recommendation for approval, we are deeply concerned about the impact on the village.  The access arrangements to the traveller site are at odds with local and national policy, and the proposals for Chaulden Lane breach Hertfordshire Highways policies and present a serious safety risk to pedestrians from Winkwell, Pouchen End and the major development at Buttons.  We continue to work on your behalf to resolve the situation. The text: Dear Cllr Williams, When you announced our council’s approach to new traveller sites we congratulated you. As you stated in the local paper: "If there are any big sites identified, then gypsy and traveller sites should be part of that development, not bolted on the edge of existing communities. Such an approach fits in with the national policy of 2015. It recognises the problem of foisting traveller sites on small communities where there are no facilities in a situ