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BEVA and WHAG and that glossy LA3 flyer!

BEVA and WHAG The Planning Group from BEVA recently met with representatives from WHAG (West Hemel Action Group) who have opposed LA3 from the outset.  The meeting was very constructive as we seem to share the same concerns. We would suggest you take a look at their website. Of particular relevance at the moment is the urgent need to respond to DBC’s consultation on the main modifications; urgent, because the deadline is 5 th February .  WHAG is giving detailed guidance.  Click on the box outlined in red on the WHAG website.   Glossy flyer and glossy website from the developers You may well have received a glossy flyer from the developers.  While this has no formal significance in the planning process, it does contain a warning of what the developers really want. The 900 has become ‘up to 1,100’ and the map shows the traveller site totally hived off as a separate entity in the Winkwell corner.  I have reproduced this below.  It can be

Consultation on bringing forward development of LA3

This note refers to Dacorum Borough Council’s consultation on the Main Modifications proposed to meet the requirement of the inspector.  Comments have to be submitted by 5 th February. (Yesterday, you may have received proposals from the developer we will look at the issues raised in this later, but remember, both are important.) The consultation portal is found here: The sections that include reference to LA3 are MM18 to MM23. They can be reached either from the options at the top left on the page, or following the arrows at the bottom of the page.  Navigation is unclear, but if you persevere you will be able to submit comments on line! Our concern is in essence as follows.  The planning inspector proposed that the gypsy and traveller element of the development be brought forward, having rejected the proposal for a site at Tring. This is to meet the government requirement for gypsy and traveller pitches in