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The next public meeting of the developers of LA3 – Tuesday 27th June at JFK Catholic School between 4pm and 8pm.

You may already have been informed about this meeting together with the latest plans.  We urge you to attend.  There are a number of issues we need to raise. We remind you of them in no particular order of importance. The number of homes: The consultation took place on the basis of up to 900.  The number now is up to 1100.  This has implications for traffic, the density of housing in a green belt setting, the green areas within and the ‘soft edge’ to the green belt initially proposed. The access to the Traveller site:  As you will know, the developers are proposing the location of the traveller site in the south west corner (the Winkwell end) with access into Chaulden Lane.  The proposed first phase of housing is for 350 houses in the diametrically opposite corner.  The result is that it is as isolated as possible, and linked to Winkwell and Pouchen End rather than LA3.  This is contrary to the latest government policy on ‘Planning policy for traveller sites’ referred to in an ear

Application for open storage of cars at Bourne End Farm

Those living in Bourne End Lane on the farm side will already be aware of the 20 or so cars parked on the land.  Those living on London Road will be aware of the transporter moving the cars. The activity has been taking place since about February and there is now a retrospective planning application. This has been on the website for some time, but as of this post, neighbours have not been informed and it has not been allocated to a parish or ward so it did not turn up in our searches.  Putting aside the issues of consultation, the application is for an activity entirely inappropriate to the green belt, entirely inappropriate to this specific site, and contrary to specific planning conditions attached to the installation of the manege. You will find the details on the planning website by searching Bourne End Farm or inputting the number 4/01205/17/FUL Below is copy our objection letter. We would encourage you to let your views be known. Chairman Bourne End Village Associa