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A letter to all Dacorum Councillors

The following has been sent to all Dacorum Borough Councillors. We have explained in the covering email that we share the concerns of many others about the impact of the proposed increase in number, but that this specific issue impinges more on residents of Bourne End than other areas. Bourne End Village Association LA3 with specific reference to the traveller site After a long drawn out dialogue with officers of Dacorum’s planning team it is clear that the aim of the developers, to produce a traveller site isolated from the site of LA3, has their support.  We oppose this isolation although we are not opposed to the positioning of the traveller site.  The isolation flies in the face of national government’s agenda, national policy, local policy, the rationale on which the land was removed from the green belt, and the vision for the development as presented to the public. Theresa May’s first statement as Prime Minister focused on social justice [i] . The sentiments met

Village Show and Teddy Bears' Picnic Tea Party

Just in case you've forgotten, lost your old Bourne Ender or you've not yet received the flyer, here are the details....

Contributions for the next Bourne Ender - The Village Show - Planning

Bourne Ender . We will soon be producing the late summer edition.  We want to make it a truly community venture, so if you have anything you would like to contribute, please let me know during this coming week.  Contributions are best received by email to me, John Mawer The Village Show is coming up on Sunday 4th September.  That's pretty soon, but it still leaves time to get your garden in order and cut back the weeds so your vegetables and flowers will be at their best.   Planning. Many of you wrote in to object to the proposal to turn part of Bourne End Farm into a car storage depot. This was so obviously inappropriate but it needed a good representation from the village to say so.  Your letters were clearly noted and the planning application was turned down.