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West Hemel Action Group and LA3

As you may already know, the planning group has been liaising with WHAG, (West Hemel Action Group). They, like us, are concerned about the development of LA3, and have arranged a public meeting. The details are on the leaflet below. We share a number of concerns with WHAG, and feel there are important implications for Bourne End. In particular, The potential for increase in number of dwellings from ‘up to 900’ as originally proposed to 1,100. The consequence of this on housing density and on the original proposal for a soft edge to the green belt. The impact of the development on the use of Pouchen End Lane and Chaulden Lanes which are already used as rat runs. The proposed access to and from the traveller site using Chaulden Lane. (Both impractical and in breach of local and national policy.)   The proposal that HCC will build yet more houses on their land off Chaulden Lane.  (This does seem to have been headed off for the time being.) The apparent lack of a school at t