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Latest Bourne Ender and important planning information

The Bourne Ender is now on line below and you will soon be receiving your copy. It contains an article expressing our concerns about the proposed development at LA3.  In the article we refer to a number of documents which are available on line.  These are referenced below. Do make sure you read the article. If you have any questions contact a member of BEVA Planning Group, (Chris Mabley, John Mawer, Mike Pritchard, Javaid Punwar.) In each case, click on the title to open the document in a new window.  TheGovernment’s  Planning Policy forTraveller Sites 2015 The document is a mere 9 pages and the relevant aspects stand out quite clearly. CoreStrategy 2006-2013   Policy CS22 which relates to new traveller sites is on page 98. Note in particular (b). Local Allocation LA3 Draft Master Plan   We would recommend delving into this, but first note that it is draft.  It is referred to at times as ‘The Master Plan’. Of particular note: The Vision statement which includes ‘It wil

Redevelopment of Bourne End Mills

BEVA Planning Group response to proposals for the housing development at Bourne End Lane. 4/00597/17/RES In general we feel the area is well designed.  Our chief concerns centre on: Parking.   The allocation of spaces is beyond present day standards, but in the light of the location, we feel the demand may be greater and may overspill into the surrounding area. Reference is made to a communal area, but this is not apparent from the plans. We had expectation of a higher bund separating the two redeveloped areas. This issue could be ameliorated by planting more mature trees. Some of the house styles are taller than anticipated although they are arranged in such a way that this should not interrupt views. No detail is given regarding planting, types of tree etc. We would encourage you to write into the council if you share these or other concerns. Make sure your comments are in by the 18th of April and you quote the reference above.  The following will take you
Residents of Bourne End Lane have received notification of the plans to build houses on the industrial estate. I am not sure whether the whole village has been informed. The plans are on Dacorum planning website. The reference number is 4/00597/17/RES. I would urge all members of the village to have a look, and where appropriate, to comment. In a small community like ours, something that affects one side of the village affects us all.