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Volunteer needed As some of you may already know, Pauline Summers, a long-standing resident of the village, will soon be moving out of the area.  Apart from the gap left in village life, her departure leaves a gap with The Hospice of St. Francis. Pauline has been responsible for overseeing the collection of the Hospice Boxes for a few years now.  In addition to Pauline leaving, another collector is unable to continue collecting,  so the Hospice is looking for volunteers to collect the boxes from houses in Bourne End in May and October each year. The area covered by Pauline was Bourne End Lane, both sides of London Road, Winkwell and Pix Farm area. Of course not every house has a box. Please could anyone who feels they could help or requires further information contact Pauline  ( ) or Pippa Chappell  Pippa Chappell (