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Public Meeting on February 11th, Quiz Night on March 1st

To make any difference at all to the plans for West Hemel and the potential traffic chaos it will cause for us, we need as many residents as possible to a) sign a petition and b) go online to comment on the Dacorum planning portal.  To make this as easy as possible we are holding a Public Meeting to help everyone understand the issues and to guide you through the process of having your voice heard.  SO PLEASE COME ALONG AND ENCOURAGE FAMILY AND NEIGHBOURS TO COME TOO!

IMPORTANT NEWS: The LA3 Planning Application has now been submitted

      The plans for LA3 are now on the Dacorum website.  They were uploaded on Friday afternoon.  In theory the consultation period could last only three weeks, but in an application such as this it is highly unlikely. BEVA will be considering these plans carefully and will make a submission, but it is important that as many people as possible have an understanding of the implications.  We would therefore urge you to read the plans carefully and consider the impact on the village. The planning Website is here: and the application reference is   4/03266/18/MFA (although you can just search for LA3)