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Proposed Developments Upper Bourne End Lane At yesterday’s AGM of the Bourne End Village Association, the issue of the proposal to site chicken sheds on land adjacent to Upper Bourne End Lane was raised.  Considerable concern was expressed regarding the potential impact from a wide range of environmental aspects.  If you wish to comment, the application reference is:  4/01763/12/AGD I have copied below the directions for accessing the plans on line, originally posted in the Bourne Ender.  You will be able to see the actual drawings and judge for yourself the potential impact.  You can comment on line or e-mail the case officer. (Don’t be put off by the apparent lack of comments.  If you e-mail a response, it will not appear on the planning portal). I can see no clear deadline date although the target date for decision is 19/10/12, so don’t delay. Planning applications on-line All planning applications are now accessible from the planning portal on Dacor