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Carol Singing and The Bourne Ender

Carol Singing You will be pleased to know that the Carol Singing raised £125-41 on the first night and £146-03 on the second night. A total of £271-45! Well done and thanks to all those who came out and added their voices (good or bad) to our marling Christmas. I am sure we will consider the charities that will get the benefit at our next meeting. Happy Xmas and New Year to you all.   Mike Pritchard  Bourne Ender Residents of Bourne End will have received copy of the winter edition of the Bourne Ender a few weeks ago. To the rest who receive the electronic version via the blog, our apologies for the late arrival. Here it is, hopefully better late than never!  

Bourne End Mills Industrial Estate update

At yesterday’s meeting of the Development Control Committee, the application to redevelop Bourne End Mills was rejected.  To be more precise, the rejection was of the application to enable 24 hour working and remove the height restriction on the buildings.  Consideration of the plans themselves was therefore deferred. Despite the recommendation for approval by the planning officer, not one member of the committee was prepared to propose the application.  They had clearly taken on board the view that this specific application would have resulted in a building and activities which would have dominated our village and the surrounding area. It looked rather bleak when the planning officer recommended approval.  What made the difference?  Probably not one thing but a combination of          the well-reasoned objections from so many of you;           Mike Pritchard’s clarity in presenting the case;         the petition;          the support of Gbola Adeleke, Jack Organ and Ri