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The Village Show, The Village Fayre and Little Hay

Little Hay The saga rumbles on. Hertfordshire Highways are currently considering new proposals to widen Upper Bourne End Lane.  Of course, they will only be considering safety issues.  As one of our councillors has said, they would have to reinstate the lane!  How they could reinstate the chalk bank and its flora and fauna defeats me.   We have now produced a blog especially devoted to the sad saga.  It can be found here  here .  To access it directly go to  Do pass this information on to anyone who shows the slightest interest in the landfil proposals and encourage them to voice their opinion. The Village Show Sunday 13th July is the Village Show.  There is still time to get organised, feeding your produce, brushing up your culinary skills or whatever takes your fancy!  We'll be round with a new copy of the schedule early next week in case you have mislaid it.  Shame on you if you have! Our highly successful Village Fayre Takings for th