The Bourne End Village Show 2020

Bourne End Village Show
Sunday September 6th 2020
The Village Hall will be open from 10 am on the day.  Entries must be made by 12.00 pm and must be accompanied by  a card or piece of paper (approx 6cm x 4cm ) with your name on one side and the class number on the reverse.  Please bring your cards ready written as this saves much time on the day.
The right is reserved to cancel or amalgamate any class considered to be insufficiently supported.
RULES:  Unless otherwise stated three points will be awarded to the winner in each class, two points to a second place and one point to third.  You may put more than one entry into each class.  Excluding children’s classes, points will be totalled for the Overall Championship.
If two entries or less are received in any class, points will be awarded at the judges’ discretion.  The name of the Overall Champion will be engraved on the Shield of Honour.  A trophy will be awarded to the Overall Champion in the Children’s Classes.

THE DOUGLAS DEAN ROSE BOWL: The bowl will be awarded to the best exhibit in Classes 1 to 4 and must be retained by the winner until 7 days before the next Annual Show.
ELIGIBILITY OF COMPETITORS: Any persons resident in the village, visiting friends or relations are eligible to enter.
ACCEPTANCE OF ENTRIES:  The Committee reserves the right to refuse any entry and, in the event of such a refusal, is not required to give any reason.
CONTAINERS:  The exhibitor shall provide all bowls, vases, etc.
DECISIONS: The judges’ decision shall be final.
The village hall will be closed for judging between 12.30 pm and 1.30pm and will be open for viewing from 1.30pm, when subject to the weather refreshments outside will be available.
Prize giving will be at 2 pm.
Exhibits may be removed immediately after the prize giving
Maximum support from everyone in the village will ensure a successful day.  Your entry may not be perfect but it could still be the best there, so please come and support your village.

Section A – Flowers

Rules…All flowers / plants must be home grown
1. 3 Tea Roses (Large Flowered Bush Roses)
2. A Bowl of Roses for all round effect (any variety including miniature)
3. 5 Dahlias or Gladioli
4. A Vase of cut or Mixed Flowers
5. A House Plant or Hanging basket

Section B - Fruit & Veg
Rules …. Exhibits should be clean and as fresh as possible.  Stalks should not be removed.  All produce must be home grown and of the same variety.
6. 6 Pods of Runner Beans
7. 5 Potatoes
8. 3 of any other Vegetable, 1 variety
9. 5 Tomatoes
10. 5 Apples, Dessert or Cooking, or pears or plums
11. 1 Cucumber or Courgette or Marrow
12. 3 peppers or chillies
13. 5 Berries - Blackberries, raspberries, gooseberries, strawberries etc
14. Any 3 other fruits of the same variety

Section C - Photography
15. Transport or Bourne End scene
16. “A Portrait”, Animal or Human

Section D - Home Made Arts & Craft
17. Tapestry , Knitted or Embroidery or Cross Stitch from a Kit or Chart
18. You’ve Made It, Let’s See It! (any medium, not exceeding 36”x36”x36”)
19. A Colour Painting  or drawing - Any Subject

 Section E - Home Made Culinary Delights

20. Jar of Chutney or Pickle
21. Jar of Homemade Jam
22. 3 Fruit Scones
23. 6 Decorated Cupcakes
24. A cake: use your own recipe e.g. Fruit, Lemon Drizzle, Walnut etc.…any size tin


Section F - Kid’s section

Children’s Photography Section up to 15 years
25. Animal
26. Having Fun/Selfie

Children’s Craft section up to 15 years

27. Animal Face on a Disposable Plate
28. A Plate of Decorated Biscuits (plain biscuits may be bought)
29. Handmade item such as a birthday card, model or collage.
30. A drawing or painting


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